strider: large fur bearing reptivians of Zurlisk

Striders are large reptivians of Zurlisk, they reside in the coldest regions of Zurlisk, their bodies are covered in a thick fur that protects them from the elelments. Large holes can be seen in their legs, these holes will open when wind speeds are over 50, these holes channel the wind so it wont end up knocking them down.


Striders will eat anything they can catch, a large intestine like tube dangels from their esophagus and can attatch to their mouth, it's used to pump digestive juices into live prey and drain it out like a smoothie. Their large clawed feet are also an effective weapon.


Striders are found in the south-western pole of Zurlisk


Striders give live birth, the young will dangle under the adult, being helt in one of it's four legs, after three years the young will walk on it's own.