Stone lizard

stone lizard: large terrestrial amphibians of Zurlisk

Stone lizards, are large amphibians of Zurlisk, they live on Zurlisk's surface, and casually live underground, when napping, some creatures mistake them for large boulders and live between their plated armor. They are herbivorous, but sometimes they eat insects, they are very passive and don't usually fight. 


Stone lizards are commonly found in Zurlisk's jungle farlands, but a small portion on the stone lizard species live in the burnt desert.


Dispite their passive nature, stone lizards are not afraid to stomp hungry predators to death, their horned head is also an effective weapon agianst those annoying sand devils!


Stone lizards lay their eggs underwater, the larva will develope in the water, and grow their stony plates at the age of 12.