Moon dragon

moon dragon: a large gracful dragon-like creature of zurlisk.

Moon dragons origonaly came from zurlisk's moons, Zurlisk use to have 10 moons, but some of them drew to close the zurlisk's atmosphere, and became part of it. The dragons that lived on the "moons"  have now taken notice to Zurlisk, and have colonized small sections of the gargantuan planet.


These dragons are normally docile "when their not hungry" . They can fly at nearly mk 5 speeds, they have gravity regulating crystals on their wings, so they can fly through Zurlisk's atmospheric belt. They can also absorb radiation from Zurlisk's "moons" and fire a powerful lazer of focused energy from their fore head, but they can't hold the energy for long or else, it will overheat, and kill them instantly.


These magnificent creatures are located in Zurlisk's atmospheric belt, within colonized meterorites.


These dragons reproduce normally, except multiple dragons mate with one female, a greater, and a lesser moon dragon. If the female gives birth to the baby of the lesser dragon, the greater dragon will kill it.