Standard and alpha Zurlisk metroid

The first two stages of the Zurkilskian metroid

Gamma Zurlisk metroid

the third stage of the the Zurliskian metroid

Omega Zurlisk metroid

the fifth stage of a Zurliskian metroid

Zeta Zurlisk metroid

the fourth stage of a Zurliskian metroid

"metroid, belongs to their respectful owners, however this is my own variation to the metroid franchise" The metroid eggs that hatched on Zurlisk were not fit for this enviornment, so they were forced to adapt, creating a new type of monstrocity.


After the asteroid crashed into Zurlisk, the metroid eggs were put under 3 long years of hybernation. When the eggs hatched, the metroids chose different enviornments they felt comfortable in. However this type went underground like their past brothers and sisters, they adapted, unlike any other metroid. They looked much different from their ancestors, they beared extra arms, and grew their arms at an earlier state, their mouths also developed quickly, but their population grew slower, then on SR388.