Gravelite: large silicon-based reptillians

Gravelites are large cave dwelling beings of Zurlisk, they have large crystal spires growing from numerous
Gravelite 2

green gravelite

parts of their body, and come in a variety of colors. They are silicon based, making them more mineral th
Gravelite 3

orange gravelite

en animal.


Despite their appearence, gravelites are not normally violent, they eat crystals and live at the center of Zurlisk's core "where it's too hot for anything to live" The diamonds on thier back provide extra deffence, and to add with their thick skin. In fact the only way you can get a gravelite angry, is by depriving them of their crystals.


Gravelites are located in the underground caverns of Zurlisk.


Gravelite reproduction is unknown