Glide snake

glide snake: small arial predators of Zurlisk

Glide snake "parachute leech" is a small snake-like predator of Zurlisk, unlike most snakes, a glide snake's mouth is more leech-like, and tends to drain it's prey of body fluids, membrane off to the sides of their bodies extend when jumping off of trees and enableing them to glide, supriseing their prey, or escaping larger predators.


Glide snake's are found in the dense jungle farlands of Zurlisk, they can stick to the bottom of large leaves, makeing them difficult to spot.


If unnoticed, glide snakes can stick to larger "unaware" animals and drink a small portion of their blood. It's not dangerous to the animal, but it leaves a nasty scab, but to smaller creatures, glide snakes can be very territorial, and attack at if provoked.


Glide snakes lay eggs like most reptiles, they lay their eggs within hollow trees, but are most likely eaten by other creatures.