Zurliskian frill chin

Zurliskian frill chin: strange stealth predators of Zurlisk

Frill chins are strange stealth predators of Zurlisk. They have a large vestigal wing-like frill protruding from their chin. Despite it's withered still appearence, the frill has been known to unfold, possibly intended to make itself look bigger to other predators? 


Frill chins arent the largest predators, but they are one of the stealhiest. Like an assassin, the frill chin quietly sneaks up behind potential prey, and stabs it with it's poison tipped, tail. Frill chins's eardrums are locate on the outside of it's ears, making it difficult to hear, but it's eardrums have been known to pulstate in, and out of it's ears. Frill chins also have the ability to change color at will, or due to emotion, this sometimes makes them difficult to spot. Frill chin foot prints are known to be inch think holes in the ground about the size of a small marble.


Frill chins have been frequently seen in the lungle farlands, but have sometimes been known for living in the southwest poles of Zurlisk.


Frill chins give live birth, and carry it's spawn in it's frill. But sometimes frill chin's will desert or consume their young for unknown means.