Volcano crawlers are pack hunters of Zurlisk, they are fast and strong. But due to their thin front legs, it is relativly easy for them to loose their balance.
Volcano crawler by bura san-d6bzczn

creation done by "tehbigcheez" linework and coloring done by "Bura-san"


Volcano crawlers use their large front claws as their main weapon, and to keep balance while attacking, they use their small, nearly vestgial back arms. Also volcano crawlers have poisonous spines running down their back, the spines contain a mixture of blood, and acid. This mixture it what keeps these creatures active, if these spines break, the volcano crawler's motabolism will gradually deplete. Volcano crawlers can withstand thick clouds of smoke, with their air regulating gills, most of the smoke is exhaled through the mouth, and nostril, they can also hold in smoke (which the smoke is held in their shell, located just behind their head) and blow it out at larger predators to make a quick escape. Their tail has a set of centipede-like legs witch is used to grip prey from a distance, and draw them near, but primarily used as a prickly whip.


Volcano crawlers can only be found in the burnt desert region of Zurlisk.


Volcano crawlers reproduce by laying eggs, the female will watch over them, while the male searches for food, and nourishment.