a general dipiction of what Mason looks like


Mason was once a boy who loved the paranormal, he would always try to scare his friends with his necronomicon. But one day he was publicly embaressed by some bullies at his school, he was so mad, he screamed at his necronimicon to kill the bullies. Hours later, he felt a strange sensation with his skin, it was turning pale and leathery, his hair color changed from brown to jet black, his teeth grew long and sharp, and his eye sockets turned black, with peircing red pupils. The bones in his fingers tore out of the skin, and formed inch-long claws, he also felt an unsetteling feeling inside of him, and puked up his own organs. He screamed and ran outside, over the years Mason wandered the streets, he still keeps his necronomican with him. And he eventually he lost his mind and is now a ruthless killer, he still attempts to find the bullies to this very day.


Mason became this way from his necronomicon, he is commonly reffered to as an incubus. Mason himself is a killing machine, he has no remorse to whom he encounters, Mason can run at a blinding speed. Since he now has no organs he is invunerable to a wound to the torso. If you stare at Mason's sadistic gaze, you will become temporarily paralized. Mason also has sharp claws which can impale a human body with ease, mason also has an illusion form which he can use due to his necronomican, Mason is a force to be reckoned with, and you should run if encountering him.


When Mason was born, he had assberger syndrom, because of that, he can be more of a nuisence then a threat, at times he can also be immensly perverted, and can have a one track mind. Becuase he is an incubus, mason is vunerable to holy water, and silver bullets.