before doing ANYTHING on the wiki, read this

1. no flameing or trolling, c'mon people don't be a ass : Trolling is where you annoy someone who has told you multible times to stop : flameing is where you write abusive or mean comments to other people.

2. NO SPAMING, for the love of God don't spam on this wiki! : spaming is where you post one comment "or link" over and over agian! it's very annoying!

3. NO HACKING, if theres anything worse then spaming... it's hacking, hacking is where you grief the wiki internally. It's VERY dangerous to MY computer itself, and everyone else who's on the wiki.

4.  EVERYTHING that i make, YOU cannot edit it, or it will result as a ban. "ban: being perminantly kicked from the wiki"

5. BE CAUTIOUS, if any younger members find a page named fanservice...don't go on it just dont. only if your over the age of 14, you can check it out.

6. ask for help, if you need help with something, just ask me! but remember some things on this wiki yull have to do yourself.

7. adding fanservice, fanserice is fan art, of a favorite anime or tv show, there will be a seperate catagory for fan service, but i have limits so be carful what you post...

8. have fun! this wiki is just for fun! so add some cool pictures, or a fancy story, and enjoy the wiki!