Why do i even bother

one of those awkward situations...

Never ment to be

curse fanfics

Perfect censorship

morrigan + balloonatic

That would be nice

if only if it was real

This page can be edited, fanservice can be posted in the fanservice catagory only, which is linked below this page. ill do a demonstration of how your suppose to do it, REMEBER if the photos are too crazy for the wiki, ill have to delete them. P.S when posting there photos be sure to write in the summery box of the photo NSFW. But fan art you add dosent have to be innapropriate, it could be funny, or cute (W-)

<username>:name of photo

then post the photo in the catagory, by adding a page, EASY!

but when adding it, you have to make a seperate page, this is all my fanservice