• Tehbigcheez

    entry 1: M@s0n

    February 22, 2013 by Tehbigcheez

    Mason was once a boy who loved the paranormal, he would always try to scare his friends with his necronomicon. But one day he was publicly embaressed by some bullies at his school, he was so mad, he screamed at his necronimicon to kill the bullies. Hours later, he felt a strange sensation with his skin, it was turning pale and leathery, his hair color changed from brown to jet black, his teeth grew long and sharp, and his eye sockets turned black, with peircing red pupils. The bones in his fingers tore out of the skin, and formed inch-long claws, he also felt an unsetteling feeling inside of him, and puked up his own organs. He screamed and ran outside, over the years Mason wandered the streets, he still keeps his necronomican with him. An…

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