Leco is 14, but has turned 15 on Feb 18th 2013


some anime charactor i made up


Leco is female


Leco is very shy around boys, she doesn't have many friends, but she cares very little. Leco is very lonley at times, she never really tried making friends. And her parents pay little attention to her

Physical charactoristicsEdit

Leco is very boy-like in structure, she never really liked anything girly, Leco wears a large, thick green hoodie, and a small grey skirt. Her shoes are strap on, becuase she doesn't prefer laces. Her hair is dirty blonde, and wears it covering one eye, no one really knows what Leco's other eye looks like. But she says she just covers it becuase she feels like doing it. She also has sky-blue eyes


Leco loves to draw, but keeps it to herself, she also owns a custom razor-back guitar, but plays it rarely. She, enjoys playing video games "especially minecraft" Leco also owns a pink DS lite, in which she has many games for it. Another thing about leco is that, she has a bad case of the munchies, leco loves to eat, but watches her weight, and remains stable.


Ever since Leco went to school she dispised math, she is very intellegent, but math is her only weakness "as to Mason" She also hates chick flicks, she would rather watch, murder princess, or aliens vs predator. Leco also hates Itallian food, no none really knows why, but she does eat kalamari squid, something that most children wouldn't even lay a hand on.


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